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Hijack EP

Richárd Kovács aka Fabbro represents small but powerful Hungarian techno scene from Budapest. Starting his music career in 2012, he took a part in imPro electronic music school, and later on he made his first release under the flag of Techno Pulse Records. Since that, Richard have been working with different labels and spreading his thoughts all over the world. Now District Facility record label presents Fabbro's newest EP called 'Hijack'. In his music, raw analog chords meet dub atmospheres and dance imperative grooves. The track 'Hijack' clearly reflects his style, where strong kick and percussion is covered by soft chords and dub sounds giving us kind of deep and progressive techno feeling. Second track 'Dazzle' is more rough and complex. There dominates offbeat rhythm in addition with Richard's favorite chords and darker atmospheres. The final touch is made by District Facility's old friend Christian E from Columbia, who introduces 'Dazzle' remix, which complexity creates powerful and pumping techno track. Christian's contribution makes this EP more colorful and allows us to choose between similar yet very different tracks.

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